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Welcome to the beginning of the most amazing LOVE journey you’ll ever experience.

Being appreciated, being uplifted, being supported, being SEEN for the woman you are and the gifts you bring to your relationship. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Let me tell you from experience, it is.

Like you, I wasted so much time bouncing from one “learning experience” to the next, and I got tired of it all.

But like you I was also using the wrong method to choose a partner.

Kiss, to see where it goes.

Of course we eventually realize we’d chosen another (fill in your pattern here)

But the game changer came with understanding how we function as the biological animal we are, and learning to draw my process up from mindless following to consicious choice.



For the first time you’re truly going to learn what LOVE is all about. Not just what it takes to find the one who’ll love you right, but how to love yourself enough to accept what you’re truly looking for.

Fear and self-doubt won’t cloud your judgement anymore, because mental clarity and emotional calm will become your new normal. You’ll happily let the wrong ones walk away, while creating space for someone amazing to step into your life and show you what a Good Man is.

And there’s a reason why Men love my work. They’re tired of standing on the sidelines while you pre-occupy yourself with selfish, short term thinkers. Tired of wondering why being willing to uplift and a support a woman isn’t getting them anywhere.


“I’ve been telling all my single girlfriends about your course. In fact, days after I used the info to help a girlfriend stop chasing a lazy guy who just wasn’t that into her! She was dissappointed but releived to be free of the confusion and insecurity of not knowing what was going on. I hope she will attend one of your courses soon, or at least pick up your book. Thanks for such important information at our fingertips. I find that I am more confident than ever pursuing love! I think that shows in my profile pic and my conversations with these guys. LOL. Love it!”

Johanne A,

“I’m glad my daughter and I were able to go. I know she injoyed it too and we have talked about it a few times this week. I found your class refreshingly honest and practical, which sometimes is hard to find. Also personal, and I thought you were sensitive to all of us no matter what we said which I appreciate.”

Debra T,




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I walk you through the process of understanding what you need and how to identify the man who’s right for you. Don’t miss this opportunity! So many women are messaging me to let me know that following my advice has worked for them, and I want you to be one of them, too!


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  • Reducing anxiety, stress, and fear

  • Deep relaxation and brain-redevelopment techniques that help re-channel your thought patterns towards greater positivism.

  • Behavioural adjustments that create exactly what you need

  • Learning how to confidently let the wrong ones walk away while getting guidance through confusing moments and the “What do I do now?”‘s.

  • Learn how to approach men and take control over who’s choosing who. Who’s worth pursuing?

  • Learn what qualities you should look for, and what sort of qualities the right person is looking for, too.

  • Learn how to get dates on board with a “No Kissing For 3 Months” dating rule, giving you time and space to choose someone who’ll be right for you

  • Guidance on how to react to body language, texts, and communications

  • Behavioural techniques that keep a good catch wanting more

  • Learn how to deepen intimacy and get to know each other, building up to a first kiss that seals the deal and eliminates the questions “Are we actually in a relationship?” and  “Did I commit to the right person?”

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