*This is the last seminar I have scheduled before focusing on my book writing / touring and associated speaking engagements. Don’t miss your chance to catch the Dating Smart Seminar in Kitchener!*

The dating world has changed. For some it has become easier, for others more difficult. Dating successfully is all about the art of flirting and having the courage to connect with the right man for you.

Join us to learn about the differences between men and women – what men are looking for, how to trigger their interest, and how to keep them interested! Not only will you better understand men, you’ll learn to approach dating in a different, more effective way!

At this seminar you will learn:

  • How to boost your confidence
  • How to flirt to attract the man YOU want
  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to recognize the Love of your life when you see him
  • How to create deeper intimacy and connections with every one you care for
  • How to avoid dating mistakes using a FOOL PROOF technique for weeding out the guys you should NEVER end up with!
  • How to keep the interest of a Real Man, while watching Guys who will waste your time run away
  • How making space for yourself is the foundation for finding a GREAT relationship

BONUS: How to BE a happier woman who attracts a BETTER quality man!

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