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Gain clarity and a plan in my highly efficient one-on-one sessions. Benefit from my ability to see straight into the heart of any matter and achieve understanding faster than with conventional therapies. Whether it’s “should I stay or should I go?”, “how can I get into the right relationship?” or “how can I fix this trouble spot?” Get the answer and plan you need today.

I’m a Life Coach specializing in helping you navigate relationships, family and business issues in your daily life.

■ 1 Video Session: Get clarity and a plan designed to help you move towards the outcome you need.




Commit to change with this five-session program and learn to overcome emotional insecurity, fear and overthinking, negative behaviours, and mindsets that hold you back. Get the tools you need to heal your relationships, nurture your needs, and forge forward in life.

■ 5 Video Sessions : Eliminate your fears and begin to approach your life with confidence. What do you need? More self-esteem? Courage? Clarity? Accountability and a plan? Let’s do this!
■ Knowing you have support when you need it is vital to creating a new reality. If it’s time to get on track and stay on track then it’s time to invest in your self-love and evolution.



This package gives you Email access between sessions to help clarify sticky situations and understand how to quickly get through confusions as they arise.

As I like to say, “it’s easier for me to give you the next step than help you undo something you shouldn’t have done.”

■ 5 Video Sessions Plus Email Support: Complex issues will be addressed in your session, but issues that require light guidance will be addressed within a few hours of receipt of your email. “How should I reply?” “What should I do right now?”

■ Personal Email Support: Use this package to keep your momentum going. Email support is active for seven days following each session.

All sessions with me are non-refundable, never expire and are fully transferable.

It’s time to take the leap and create something better for your yourself

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What People Have to Say

- Stephanie Grant
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“Thank you for changing my life!!!”

“I love Chantal! I've been binge watching her tiktok videos. I got a coaching session & it helped so much in my decision making for what to do with my current bf. I have 3 of her books and ended up buying all of them. I highly recommend her!! I'll be spreading the word to people who are having relationship issues and refer them to her. God Bless.”
- Donavan Sanchez
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“Love my coaching session! It opened my eyes to so much. I will definitely be getting another and will be recommending this to my friends and family.”
- Sona ghadami
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“I love how patient she was. She spoke so kindly. Not judgemental at all. She listened and answered so clearly. Everything was perfect. She made sure I took notes and gave homework too.”
- Rebecca Starling
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“You’re amazing Chantal. I sincerely appreciate you and all of your amazing wisdom. I never thought I would be at the place in my life that I was just months ago. I was always confident and secure and when life threw me a curve ball I didn’t recover well. Your guidance has been instrumental in helping me get my mind back in the game of life and helping me to see things from a more positive perspective. Anyone struggling with drastic life changes would certainly benefit from your help!”
- Nathaly Guzman
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“Chantal, you saved my life and my dignity. After our session together, I broke up with my bf the same day. Beforehand, my friends were metaphorically slapping me on the face saying ‘this guy is NOT for you.’ After speaking to you and going through the 12 traits of a long-term thinker, that was it. This is what I needed. You gave me the final slap on the face to wake up by letting me know that there is someone out there more suited to me and who shares my fundamental values. Thank you so much. I appreciate your work.”
- Meghan Shea
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“You have a beautiful way of holding space, allowing for processing and transformation to happen within the session and after. While also leading from insecurity to confidence. Have really enjoyed working with you. I love that you just dive into the work, give tools and feedback to each detail shared, and that you respond to emails for additional support. Thank you for everything.”“This class was an eye-opener of where your insecurities can come from, ways to shift, soothe your mind, and provides exercises to continue these methods. I’ll calm my mind and be confident.”
- Matt Beaty
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“The natural insight, and calm, logical, and unabashed guidance is a breath of fresh air amongst a field of professionals seeking to validate instant gratification. Being held accountable to not justify my actions based on outside influence is inspirational. Chantal really is an interpersonal Jedi, and I look forward to working with her more in the future.”
- Rebecca S
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“Chantal is amazing. She definitely has a way of making you think from another perspective. Working with her has made me remember how different a man’s brain and a woman’s brain truly are.”

Get Step-by-Step Instructions Distinguishing Between the Guys and the Men

My singles let the wrong Guys fall away, while keeping themselves available for the best Men, by using my No Kissing for 3 Months dating rule.

When guiding couples into stable relationships, my targeted advice time and again proves itself to be quick, effective, and best of all, calming, as I teach them how to achieve a zero-fighting relationship.

You too deserve to have a fulfilling and happy relationship—with yourself and your partner

If you’re ready to…

Find real (and lasting!) alignment with your partner.

Achieve true relationship goals using my easy to follow 7-step formula.

Venture into the next chapter of your life with unlimited love and abundance.

Then let’s do a deep dive into the relationship tips and insights that help you finally find (and keep!) a loving relationship that will satisfy your soul.

Why Are Relationships So Damn Hard?

Welcome, my Love! 

The “norms” of dating used to involve way more.

There used to be clear rules for making a relationship work.

Today, relationships feel so complex.

And now, new relationship “norms” can leave you not only heartbroken — but alone — particularly as hook-up culture has made its way to the public.

Canadas Dating Coach Chantal Heide

Romantic relationships can be difficult to maintain because they need more emotional, physical, spiritual, and even mental intimacy than any other relationship — which can be overwhelming to handle at times.

This type of situation has become complicated, confusing, and it can be really damaging if you aren’t sure how to navigate the issues between yourself and your partner.

Aren’t you tired of leaving your relationship’s future to the unknown? I know you are.

So many of my clients and readers come to me with the same problems:

They are frustrated with how the relationship suddenly changed from bliss to turmoil.

They keep falling back into old, unhealthy arguments and patterns with their significant other.

They’ve tried everything—conventional therapy, workshops, self-help books that simply don’t offer any tangible solutions—with little to no success.

The thing is, climbing up that mountain to heal yourself and your partner’s beliefs about love takes time…

It takes TLC…

And the right coach to help you get there and truly heal.


I have the solution for you, right here.

Chantal Heide Canadas Dating Coach
Chantal Heide Canadas Dating Coach

Looking To Redefine Your Life?

Achieve peace and make every encounter feel magical with one of my Transform Your Life & Uncover Your Purpose Coaching Packages designed to give you the inspiration you need to create the life you want!

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