Healing that unlocks the Love you need

Singles Coaching

Need confidence and know-how to find the relationship you’re looking for? Let Chantal teach you the skills and mindset you need to seek out and recognize who will be the partner worthy of walking through this life by your side.

Couples Healing

Too few people had the proper role models when it comes to creating and maintaining a functional union. Don’t let past grief, baggage, and reactivity get in the way of real love. Discover the tools that help unlock deep, intimate love in your relationship.


Having trouble finding The One? Maybe your busy schedule means you don’t have time to weed through all the wrong options trying to find the right one. Or maybe you’ve just given up trying, and are ready for some professional help. Whatever the case, I can help facilitate your journey and help you find that lasting, functional, committed love you’re looking for.

Life Coaching

Is it time to stop spinning? Time to get yourself firmly on track with your career, health, and well-being? Pick the area of life you most want to change and let us guide to towards the fulfillment you’re seeking. The only thing standing in your way are the doubt goggles you’re wearing.

Women’s Retreat

Sometimes you need some intensive healing and introspection, and this is where it all takes place. Come to Chantal’s Florida retreat and let her wisdom, guidance, and the flow of the ocean change how you view your past and what lies in store going forward. A safe heaven, a small group of sisters, and a caring mother figure can change everything.

Women’s Dating Smart Seminar

I know you’re tired of wasting time. I call this seminar “the pattern breaker.” What you need is a new outcome, and for that you have to use a new set of behaviours. Learn why you made mistakes in the past, and how you’ll avoid them going forward.

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