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May 16, 2020
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September 20, 2021

No More Insecurity 6 Week Program With Chantal Heide



This 6 week program will help you learn how to overcome jealousy, insecurity, overthinking, and help you heal your relationship.

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What women are saying about this course!

“Chantal brings the most real and relatable advice for over-thinkers or insecure people in relationships. Not only do her Tiktoks help me day to day but this course brought so much clarity and silenced all my worries. Thank you, Chantal, you’re the best!” – Kendall

“This workshop helped me realize it’s time to shift my focus on the positives in my life rather than the negatives. So many good things pass me by every day while my brain is focused on worrying or complaining. Not only did this course shift my mindset, but it gave me practical things to do each day as “homework” to keep these positive thoughts front of mind. Not to mention Chantal is the sweetest, and most educated life coach who has your best interests in mind! Thanks Chantal!” – Emily

“The No More Insecurity course was SO helpful. Chantal has the most amazing insight and is so passionate about changing your relationships for the better. She truly wants the best for you! Also, such a great way to have time catered to your specific questions” -Becca Jones

“I’m really happy I decided to do this! I learned so much & got way more than I thought I would. I feel like I am now able to better process my thoughts in order to think more positively! I’m excited to use these tools & exercises to form a positive & healthy relationship” – Tiany Chantell

“If you’re looking to meet your partner halfway in creating a lasting and functional relationship, this course is for you! Issues such as fear, unfamiliarity, and an overactive amygdala could all be factors that are influencing these insecurities. This course clearly outlines adaptive skills to reinforce behaviours and reduce any cognitive dissonance. I would recommend to all of my friends”- Carly

“This class was an eye opener of where your insecurities can come from and ways to shift, soothe your mind, and provides exercises to continue these methods. I’ll be able to calm my mind and be confident.” -TK

“This was one of the hands down the best. I learned so much about managing my emotions. She makes amazing points and helps you look at things from a different perspective. You won’t regret it. She is one of the best.” – Stephanie M.

Your 6 week program includes 6 one hour lessons

Week 1 – Understanding your emotions (Insecurity, Fear, Jealousy)

Week 2 – How To Reduce Your Negative Emotions

Week 3 – How To Stop Overthinking

Week 4 – How To Stop Hurting Your Relationship

Week 5 – How To Learn To Trust

Week 6 – How To Increase Your Confidence

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No More Insecurity Program

No More Insecurity Program 6 Video Sessions $1149

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