2 EBook Bundle Deal

How do you stop the cycle of fights to heal a relationship?

Because a relationship takes two, in this unique 2-Ebook bundle, you’ll receive both Fix That Shit and Fix That Shit for Men.

Discover how to build a stronger relationship together that is conflict free, resistant to pain and fear, and ready for long-term successful love.

Finding real love and happiness isn’t as hard as we’re conditioned to think, and it’s time to lean into the simple approach we should have been taught long ago.

	Donavan Sanchez
Donavan Sanchez
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“Relationship Bible“

I loved every part of this book. It opened my eyes to a perspective i never would have thought of. I never thought I needed to learn about what a good relationship was and i feel like my eyes have been opened to a while new world of possibilities. A world where the perfect relationship is not only real but attainable with the right direction and this book has done for me. Not only did it help my relationships but it helped me be a better friend, father and just all around better person.

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“I struggle with being inside my own head too much, and this book has enlightened me on so many levels.

Using meditation to help regulate, understand, and surrender to my emotions, while empowering me to embrace the rest of my life with more patience, understanding, and love.

Chantal has such a down to earth approach to explaining everything that I love. Thank you, thank you!”
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"Partner Changing"

“My boyfriend of 3 years, very masculine and manly type, has been reading this book for our relationship and loves it. He never reads, but says that the way the Chantal writes is super easy to understand and straight to the point."

“It gives guys the insight into a woman mind, and outlines the differences in our anatomy that makes it hard to understand each other. Im not kidding, i can already see changes in my man and he’s bot even done with it. A great tool for educating your partner who is willing to make changes and learn in order to keep a healthy relationship! Highly recommend!"
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"This singlehandedly changed my life. This is by far the best book I have ever read. I can not recommend it enough, I suffered from abandonment anxiety, constant fighting, anxiety, stress, and trust issues in a relationship. BUY IT NOW. Chantal is amazing, she reads my mind and I trust her wisdom and judgment so much. TRUST ME, I fought with my partner for years in our hs relationship, we got back tg in college years later, never thought we ever would, and it was so much better but still had issues and fights but it is by far the best relationship I have ever been in and I am so thankful for this book."


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