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May 3, 2019
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August 5, 2019

Dual Dating Coaching With Chantal Heide and Rebecca Thomas

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Finally, a resource to change the dating game for you once and for all. No more head games. No more dick pics. No more guys trolling for sex. No more feeling like they’re just on to the next one soon after you meet. This Webinar will change your course of action, change your mindset, change your emotions from negative to positive and having you finding The One sooner rather than later.

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I know you feel it’s time to be done with selfish, short term thinkers. I call them Guys. They’re the ones who are more intent on their happiness than yours. What you’re about to step into is a world where you’ll get to choose from the Men – generous, long term thinkers.

The best thing you’ll ever do for your heart is vet twice. Once for mindset, separatingthe Guys from the Men, and then for compatibility, finding your perfect partner (your soulmate?) from the men who are vying for your attention. Don’t worry, they will once you start using the tools you learn from this webinar!

Together Rebecca and I create a team designed to help you move past the biggest hurdles when it comes to love.

Whatever it is, we have the expertise to help you understand and shift towards your greatest desire. And sister, not only are we knowledgeable, we’ve been there, done that.

You’ll learn how a lot of the challenges you face in dating simply revolve around a lack of knowledge. One of the things we both see the most in our practice is “Aha!” moments when we highlight why guys do what they do, and create a ton of clarity. Say goodbye to confusion!

We’ll teach you some fundamentals about dating and how biology plays a role in the roller coaster.

Simple hacks that elevate your self-esteem and make online dating easy – no more frustration and dick pics!

Tools that help you navigate dating so you’re empowered, happy, and end up with the RIGHT person when all is said and done.

If you’re OVER the dating scene and ready to get into your ideal relationship, this is the FREE dating webinar for you. Be sure to have pen and paper handy, you’ll want to take notes!

It’s going to be super fun and interactive, and we’ll have a Q & A so you can get answers to your questions.

THIS is how the love you’ve been wanting will finally come into your life.

Be sure to sign up, and send this email to your BFF too. Because that’s what friends are for!

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