Divorce isn’t a setback. It’s a wake-up call that the right man is still out there, waiting for you. Don’t let a broken heart keep you from finding him. It’s time to repair your heart and soul, purge your ex from your psyche, and get back on the dating wagon again. 

Learn how to shed hurt and anger so you don’t infect future relationships, how to rebuild self-esteem and redefine yourself, and how to step back into the dating world with confidence and the ability to attract the right partner.



Melissa O.
Melissa O.
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“Chantal knows how to help you heal from a divorce and get back into the dating field.

I love how honest and real she is when she talks about her divorce, and how she learned to move on and find love.

It’s so easy when you are going through a divorce to simply point the finger at the other person, but if you aren’t willing to accept any blame, then you will never find love. This book was exactly what I needed to give me that kick-in the butt to start dating.”
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“Easy read and great info!"

"I read this although I have never been divorced or married it really helped teaching me how to truly move on from a long relationship. Its a great book for anyone! I would totally recommend to anyone that cant move on from an ex!”

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The online dating world is filled with lies.
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