Custom Made Uncover Your Purpose & Light That Shit Up


Ready to unleash your purpose and tap into a more meaningful life? You’ll discover exercises designed to help you tap into your hidden talents and feel inspired to create something beyond your wildest dreams. 

This book will help you realize your full potential and even monetize it, so you start getting paid doing what you love. I believe the time is now to manifest your deepest abilities and fully develop what you’re custom-made to do. Don’t you?



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Not just for the ladies!.

"This book is primarily focused on women and probably more for women starting a business, but the concepts can apply to anybody of either gender who is looking to grow as a successful and happy person!

I am very much a man, but it's easy to follow and take the book to heart with the way Chantal has with words!"

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Every page feels priceless.

“My new favorite author!! It’s as though every page spoke to me. I didn’t even know how much I needed her insight in my everyday life. I even bought her relationship book shortly after this one.

To top it off, I didn’t consider myself a reader or book lover until right now. Thank you for your knowledge and sharing it, Chantal!!"

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