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Chantal Heide

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Like you, relationship expert and author Chantal Heide has seen the dating landscape change drastically. The days of getting to know a potential partner over time and face to face are eroded, replaced by a need for instant gratification and snap judgements.  But is today’s fast paced dating arena taking observation, instinct, and intuition out of the game? Are we putting chemistry before logic? Have we stopped understanding what building a healthy relationship looks like? How can we find lasting love in a world where rejection can take place 1,000 times a day with a simple swipe of a finger? How can couples learn to build and maintain intimate, functional relationships?

Through tireless research spanning decades Chantal has successfully figured out the key to Love, and after guiding countless individuals into happy, productive relationships she is now taking her message to the masses. Chantal’s extensive knowledge of the Social Sciences as they relate to dating and relationships has kept up with this rapidly changing landscape, and she manages to keep her followers firmly planted in the ways love is achieved.

The author of 7  books on building lasting love, including Dating 101, Understanding The Drives, Behaviours, And Emotions Behind Love,  No More Assholes, Your 7 Step Guide to Saying Goodbye to Guys and Finding the Real Man You’re Looking For and Fix That Shit, A Couple’s Guide To Getting Past The Sticky Stuff, Chantal’s insights have been widely shared, and through word of mouth her fan base has grown to include women of all ages, in all stages of life.

When it comes to speaking about dating and relationships, Chantal is on fire. Informative and thought provoking, Chantal’s presentations pack a ton of valuable information into any timeframe. With over a decade of coaching, speaking, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches relationship repair, her views are radically different and sometimes controversial, especially her no kissing for three months dating rule. Chantal appreciates, and shares with listeners that love is a verb that starts at home, and achieving lasting intimacy begins with the right frame of mind. Among other guidelines her “no kissing” rule teaches women exactly how to be empowered when choosing their next relationship. Chantal is often referred to as “engaging and knowledgeable” for her ability to open people’s minds to new ideas, and carries herself with a humorous, shoot from the hip style (she calls it “nerding out in plain english”…) Her real-life stories, ability to speak with and not at her audience, and strong desire to help people break through and understand what love is all about connect deeply with her followers.

Chantal’s lessons are ground breaking, and her scientific approach to dating is always perfectly balanced with spirituality and humanity. Her presentations are described as “a lot of information in a short period of time, but really well executed and never overwhelming.” Chantal’s passion for dispensing sound and compassionate advice comes through in her books, media appearances, and articles, and her unending drive to affect change in her community compels her to frequently weigh in on topics affecting men and women today, both in the News and in her Blog. She is also a part of a UN recognized international organization of women striving to end all violence against women called Zonta, and is currently serving as the President Elect for her local chapter. Chantal’s passion for helping women, and through them helping men, comes through in everything she touches.

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