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Great relationships don’t happen by accident. Finding the right partner takes time and a willingness to not rush into something without the right knowledge, and having that great relationship takes work on both sides of the equation.

“Am I willing to be self aware?” “Am I willing to learn what my partner needs, and communicate my own with clarity?” “Am I willing to take care of myself and my well being, and take responsibility for my actions? “Am I willing to make space for someone else, to open my heart and my emotions, and find the person who will help me unpack my past while I give them the ability to unpack theirs?”

My client list is hand selected with these questions in mind. Do you qualify to be paired up with one of my high quality singles? Click Here to send me a request and find out if you’re eligible for my Matchmaking Services.

As a Dating and Relationship Coach I believe in the magic that relationships can bring to our lives, and as I Social Scientist with a vast wealth of knowledge and experience I also believe that we can transcend our conditioning and create inter-personal relationships that blow our minds and shake up everything we ever thought relationships could be. For me, matchmaking isn’t about bringing two people together who seem like they might be a good fit. It’s about helping you be the sort of partner who brings functional love to your union, and help you both achieve new heights when it comes to love and the incredible ways it can be exchanged.

Together, we WILL create models of love that will be passed on for generations

What I do with you:

All of my clients follow my formula for lasting love

My goal is your success and happiness, and my model is my own. I always practice my #1 relationship rule, and never ask you to do anything I haven’t done myself. This is why I know what I teach works. I don’t just help you find a partner, I help you create that foundation during the dating period, so you know when you’re committing it’s with someone who has taken the time to let you peel back the layers and ease your mind. You’ll understand who they are and how well they fit with you, and that first kiss will set you on a path to healing, lasting love with your compatible mate. Next, I’ll guide you through the transition period and ensure any rough waters are quickly and effectively dealt with. Insecurities can pop up during the early phases of a relationship, but they don’t have to tear you apart. You’ll navigate through that settling in part with help on how to set the tone and create a relationship full of the tools you’ll need to not only deepen love, but deepen your commitment towards being each others safe space for life.

What to expect:

Your Matchmaking fees include personalized set ups and hands on coaching and dedication to helping you figure out how your past may be keeping you from what you want. Concrete tools specified to you, designed to help bust through emotional obstacles Scientifically backed training that re-wires your brain so you’ll have the most peaceful, loving relationship you’ve ever experienced. Advice that quickly helps isolate trouble spots in your thinking patterns and reverse them Gentle yet firm guiding hand to help you through – I don’t let my clients fool themselves Clarity, peace, love, and increased capabilities. I help you get amazing results!

There are three stages I help you through

1) Pre-Relationship

This is where I help you to get to know YOU. In your ideal relationship you are with someone who understands you. But… Have you let go of all the past hurt that may be getting in the way of opening up to a new love? Are you really ready for a new relationship, or are you afraid you might scare off someone great? Are you in a good frame of mind, or do you often feel nervous, insecure, stressed, or anxious? Are you confused by the signals men are sending, and do you think you might be sending the wrong ones yourself? During this phase I help you work through all that and prepare the foundation for the ideal relationship, so when it comes you’re ready to build a house of love. Here, you and I work together to reduce your anxiety, bring about a more positive frame of mind, and get you seeing straight, both within yourself and in what happens when guys approach you.

2) Dating

This is a very exciting AND very confusing stage. I teach you how to navigate through with 20/20 vision, and help you get ready for certain behaviours before they (inevitably) happen. Knowledge is power, and with my help you sail through this phase, building a great framework with a GREAT man. Remember, no kissing for 3 months lets you know what kind of man he is (or isn’t), but I help you get through this without losing an ounce of attention from a good man… in fact, I help you communicate with him in such a way that he feels he can’t do enough to make you happy! This is such a great, giddy phase when it’s done right… nothing feels as wonderful as being courted!!

3) Transition

Men look to women to lead the way in a relationship, but too few women really know HOW. Now that he’s taken the time to prove he’s the man for you, I teach you how to show him you’re the woman he’s going to be in love with for the rest of his life, and how to create a relationship where all he wants to do is make you happy. You’ll learn how to make HIM happy by letting him be the man he needs to be, which keeps his focus FIRMLY ON YOU, and I’ll also teach you how to show him the way to having a highly functioning relationship, filled with communication, love, kindness, and happiness, instead of tears, fights, and moments where you wonder WTF happened. Every single one of my clients report feeling lighter, happier, and more clear after just one week of working with me. Depending on how much past conditioning you need to clear, you might be having your first kiss with an AMAZING man within a few short months of working with me!

It's not just about finding someone. It's about finding someone you can be happy with

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