Chantal Heide Canadas Dating Coach
Chantal Heide Canadas Dating Coach

Fake Love Need Not Apply: The Single Girl's Guide to Avoiding Posers Losers Scammers and Predators Online

Download "FAKE LOVE Need Not Apply" to learn how to navigate the modern dating world by identifying the “time-wasters” and healing past pain in order to create healthy relationships from now on.

What’s Keeping You from True Companionship?

Choose Wisely & Blossom into the Woman You Were Born to Be – a Healer, a Lover, and a Teacher

Inside this detailed book, you’ll learn how to...


Find the one partner who is ready to give the love you desire


Achieve true love using my easy to follow 7-step formula


Recognize the sort of guys who deceive their way into getting what they want without being prepared to give you what you need


Avoid getting trapped in the same cycles of disappointment and craving change that likely won’t happen

What Else Is Inside the EBook?

Inside the book, you’ll also find out…

As a hopeless romantic, your time and boundaries are your most valuable assets in today’s dating world.
So spend your time working with my proven dating strategies so you can generate more opportunities for real love and attraction
and learn how to avoid the guys who will offer you nothing.

Download the FREE EBook, “FAKE LOVE Need No Apply“, right now.

Chantal Heide Canadas Dating Coach
Chantal Heide Canadas Dating Coach

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Before You Go… Get Your FREE Book And Leave Relationships That Aren’t Serving You

The online dating world is filled with lies.
How will you find the one partner who’s ready to give the love you’re looking for?


By following the 7-step formula in Fake Love Need Not Apply, you can exit toxic relationships, and get a crystal clear idea of what pitfalls and red flags to look for, so you can see them a mile away!