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Twists and Turns


I've been dating my boyfriend for 11 months now, I met him at his 21st bday party last year where we immediately hit it off and did kiss. But he also kissed another girl that night that he's had a thing for (important later on). A week after she told him that if he was single on his 22nd shed kiss him again. Anyway, he's my best friends cousin and everything was absolutely amazing and he even quit his nicotine and weed use (i'm against it for personal reasons) and up until march of this year (6 months in). I thought everything was fine, but in June, I was unaware he was feeling negatively about the relationship. He broke up with me and that very night went to that girls house as mentioned earlier for her 21st birthday and got hammered then crawled back to me the next day. He told me he didn't do anything but he also did say he wasn't drinking and that was a lie. I took him back and thought things were improving but almost 2 months later I knew something was off. A week after taking him back the first time, he had a party at his house for one of his friends birthdays but I was not invited and he told me it was just the guys and his dad didn't want me there. Turns out that girl showed up then. He was not acting like him and he removed all pictures of me from his socials when he used to LOVE posting me and taking videos. Turns out the past 4 months (march - july) he was sneaking behind my back to smoke weed, use nicotine, sneak around with his friends and go to that girls house (never one on one from what I know). I caught him one night in a lie that he was "sleeping" when I knew he wasn't. he didn't have that tired voice and I knew something was off. He was in a parking lot smoking. I drove out there at 12:30am and caught him. I lost my shit. I thought he came clean about everything that night. I thought I knew it all. The next week he said he was using psychedelics and wanted to come clean about that but later said that he only said he used psychedelics because he wanted me to leave and see him as a bad person. The next day after that conversation I caught him at not one but 2 dispensaries and I called him out, then I did leave. I know something more was going on. Eventually we reconciled and we decided to be friends because I knew he was going through stuff, that he wasn't who he was pretending to be around his bad influence friends (who he smoked with and went to dispensaries with). Things over the next month (august) felt so new and fresh and it was just straight up fun. We both were having a blast and he agreed that the girl was going to have to go because he couldn't be honest with me when she was around. But his dad found out about the weed and his dad is very against it. He caught my boyfriend back in high school smoking and put him on "house arrest" where he could go to school and work then home. As my boyfriend told me, his dad once again put him on "house arrest" for the next month. Since my best friend is his dad's niece she is finding out that the house arrest is most likely a lie and yet there is more. last week, my boyfriend went to bed thursday (8/27) at 9pm and I didn't hear from him til 9am the next day. on friday (8/28), he said he went to bed at 5pm and woke up to text me at 2 am then slept again until 2pm the next day (8/29). This didn't sit right. Friday night I went to his house and his car wasn't there (which means he's not on house arrest) but he later said it was in the driveway. I guess I could've missed it. The real kicker is that his friend turned 21 last monday and my best friend found out that his dad went to go pick my boyfriends drunk *ss up one night last week because he was too drunk to even get an uber. My boyfriend doesn't know that I know, but I guess there is a chance his dad is covering up the punishment to make it seem like his son isn't a disappointment and is still going out. Am I just being paranoid and crazy? It just seems so out of the blue that he would call and scream at me and tell me how the house arrest is all my fault when we were doing so well and our communication game stepped up 100%. The next thing is that his birthday is on 9/8 and he was supposed to have a party. What if he's just trying to not get me to know about it so im not there? I'm going crazy and things just keep coming into the light.

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