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LDR and cheating.

Hello everyone! My boyfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for almost 1 year now. A couple of weeks ago I found out he had been cheating on me with about 10-12 different girls. He said all it was was sending and receiving nudes and phone sex. His excuse was that he was seeking validation to make sure he was good enough for me and didn’t think they were anything. This obviously has broken me, the man I see as my future husband has been lying to me the entire relationship. I know he didn’t cheat because he wasn’t getting enough sexy time as we do it everyday and more (sorry for the TMI lol) and I am always sure to remind him how handsome and hot he is everyday(he never calls me beautiful or hot or anything of the sorts). I forgave him because he begged me to stay and said he wouldn’t do it again) and we are still together. I feel very insecure and I am struggling. How do I prevent him from cheating again? How do I stop feeling so crappy about myself?

Hi Love, you can't prevent him. You also need to face the fact that you're one of the 11-13 girls he's stringing along and using for gratification. This is a DUMP, and the sooner the better. You deserve better. You definitely need to read my book Fake Love Need Not Apply, it's free when you sign up for the mailing list here. No More Assholes will also help you make sure you don't choose someone like this again. I'm sorry, but this relationship isn't healthy for you at all.

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