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I’m doing my best but I’m so confused on what to do next

My boyfriend and I have been dating for six months now. In the beginning I stayed in touch with my ex based on the dog we both used to have and financial issues (used to live together). My boyfriend seemed okay with this as long as I told him when we’re talking to each other and I had no problem doing so. About three months in I was under the impression that my ex and I were 100% civil and almost able to be friends. So when after messaging about the dog, he said they both missed me and can’t wait to see me again. Not really thinking about it I said it back. Also frankly we also didn’t really text that much. Now, my boyfriend was really hurt by this and it came to my understanding that there were a couple moments like this that hurt him. So after talking about it, I cut off communication with my ex (we handled all issues anyways), had a mutual understanding with my boyfriend, and tried to put more of my focus and effort in the relationship. But now he only brings up that situation whenever we get into arguments and, as much as I’ve tried to be reassuring and repetitive, nothing seems enough. Like he says he can’t trust me and has only gained 5% trust back in three months. I know I messed up and I really want to make this relationship work but now that we’re in a LDR (started less than a week ago) I’m not sure how I can gain that trust back or put more effort in or how can we both put that effort back in because since that situation he’s been up and down on putting effort.

Hi Love, he needs to make the effort to deal with his mind instead of vomiting on your during stressful times as a release. If he wants to make this work I'd suggest he do a session with me to help address his runaway thoughts.

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