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Finding someone later in life

http://I am a 56 year old woman who has been divorced for two years. I have a full time job and a twenty something daughter living with me. I don’t know where to start in terms of looking for someone who is my age and who is interested in a monogamous relationship. The men I’ve seen on online sites all seem to be intent on playing the field. I’ve always been on the shy side so I feel as though my options are very limited. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Hi Melanie!

thanks for sharing your story. It is definitely rough out there and we are all doing our best. Going through a divorce seems very difficult but i am sure you learned a lot from your experience. Don’t forget who you were before the relationship and who you are without your ex!


i always suggest to go where you are interested and you will meet people of the same interests. Go for yourself, not for others so no expectations and no disappointments.


maybe ask your friends and family if they know anyone for you?

good luck, i know you likely heard this before but always remember and internalize everything ends up working out and comes in good timing:)

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