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Confused confused confused





I'm trying to figure out if I am dumb for sticking around, or dumb for feeling the way that I do.

My boyfriend and I were hanging out with his family when his sisters best friend decided to join us. Fast forward, we were all hanging out, drinking, when the chair near her became open, he took it. He then proceeded to ask her if she was going to come and "entertain " him at the bar he works at the next day. I was instantly not happy. I felt he crossed a line. Maybe not physically, but emotionally.


I watch Chantal on Tik Tok all the time, so I have been trying to get a feel of if I am overreacting or not.

I also confronted him about it, to see if he felt some type of way. He first said he didn't remember, and then a minute later, he had remembered and said it was only friendly conversation. But I am at a loss. I am beyond confused.

She works at the same place his sister does, so we see her often. When we went out to eat, we talked about making plans, but by the end he said he only wanted to go if her and his sister were going. And a few weeks ago she was bartending, he went in for one, and came out drunk, while I was at work.

I have trust issues, and I know that is a me thing. We dated in the past, and he left me for another girl. He has history of having crushes on his sisters friends. I have been working on myself, and being okay with him having friendships with exes. And we have been working on us as a whole.

I just don't know how to feel about this. Someone help.


This is kinda tough Bc I have trust issues as well but one thing I keep telling myself that I learned from Chantal is that the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior...1- he has a history of liking his sister’s friends 2- he broke up with you for another girl 3- you confronted him about it and he dismissed your feelings and 4- he is continuing with the same behavior...


i don’t think this is in your head or that your trust issues are clouding your judgement...perhaps it’s time to “dump the mf” and get yourself someone who doesn’t blatantly chase other women

I love MariMari's response, she's so right!! I feel if you read No More Assholes you'll get a bigger picture (and grasp) of the qualities that define the sort of man who won't be like this. You need foresight before choosing a partner again my Love.

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