As a therapist with over thirty years experience in working with couples, I find Chantal’s body of work to be clinically astute and sound without the weight of clinical jargon. If word about her continues to grow, she could put a bunch of therapists out of work!

FTS is a fun, engaging book that pragmatically and effectively reaches people where they live – in the sometimes murky, sometimes brown-colored throes of intimacy. With just the right blend of personal vignettes, actionable exercises, and insightful suggestions, Chantal points a pathway to enhanced self-esteem and a lot more fun in our relationships.

Stephanie Van de Ven
Beau Pinto
Savannah Lomack

So glad I picked up this book! I love the focus on self care. Truly, that is the best way to start to build strong relationships. This book is filled with great practical advice. Love all the tools to create calm and to foster communication!

Stephanie Vetero