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February 11 – Kitchener, Ont

February 17 & 18 – Yorkdale Mall, Toronto, Ont

February 24 & 25 – Yorkdale Mall, Toronto, Ont

March 3 & 4- Yorkdale Mall, Toronto, Ont

March 10 & 11 – Kitchener, Ont

March 17 & 18- Yorkdale Mall, Toronto, Ont

March 24 & 25- Yorkdale Mall, Toronto, Ont

Radio  ~  The Jennifer Campbell Show  Every Month! @ 9:30 AM  Listen to our last show On Air Live Q & A about love and relationships Next show: November 20th Click Here to listen live Call in to have your questions answered

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We’re looking forward to a fun half hour of answering your burning questions about dating and relationships. What do you want to know?!

Hamilton Christmas Market Sunday November 26, 2017 Whether you’re searching for a last-minute add on or desperately seeking inspiration for the perfect gift, we’ve got you covered at the Hamilton Christmas Market. Crafty and arty ideas and everything else you’ll need to get your festive shopping done and wrapped up. You will not want to miss out on this shopping market market extravaganza! See you at the Hamilton Convention Center.   Book signing Hamilton Convention Center,  Hamilton, Ontario

National Women’s Show – Ottawa, Ont April 14 & 15, 2018 This event showcases products like presence of fashion products, fashion accessories, styling accessories and materials, beauty treatment and products, wellness products and services, travel and adventure services and solutions, home ware, design materials, decorative products, career opportunities and food and drinks etc. Book signing EY Conference Center, Ottawa, Ontario

Rustic Mama Retreat April 20th, 2018 – Warkworth, Ontario Keynote Speaker: Elegant Cavewoman  Learn all about your innate power. What does it mean to be a woman? Are you truly in touch with your essence? There’s so much to uncover, and I’ll open your eyes while getting your feet moving and your emotions soaring. Rustic Mama Retreat’s Ultimate Girls Getaway is the prefect place for you to relax, refresh and reconnect with yourself and other fabulous like-minded women. You’ll have the chance to engage in a variety of amazing sessions like yoga, crafting workshops, paddle-boarding, archery, tree-top trekking, evening dance parties and have the opportunity to partake in workshops taught by talented guest speakers. Everything you need is included in the Retreat, so just come relax and rediscover yourself! Keynote speaker, book signing

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