You didn’t get into a relationship, just to end up feeling this way.

Neither of you did. I often say finding the right partner is only half the battle, then you have to make it work. Unfortunately, we too often find ourselves without the sort of help that’s immediate, effective, and super soothing to both of you.

I know this, because despite our parents, despite couples therapy, even despite an intensive retreat, we were only one inch from stepping into divorce procedures.

There was so much none of these avenues knew to teach me.

How to become empowered within my relationship. How to be the emotional leader we both needed. How to show my husband the way towards something awesome. Something magical. I had to figure out that meditation would change my brain and help me make things easier. I had to figure out the “scripts” that wouldn’t make my husband tune me out, and how to finally get him to turn to me and ask, “what about you? What do you want to talk about?”

I had to learn how to forgive. How to bring forth solutions that my man would lean into. How to get through tough things and come out happier, stronger, and more in love.

But at the end I had to learn the best lesson of all. How to say “Yes” to all the goodness I had created, so I wouldn’t sabotage it back out of existence.

This is why I’m so effective when it comes to helping couples find their way back into the love they got together for in the first place. I know what it’s like to look at your partner and think, “It could be so good, if only we could clear away the bullshit.”

But I got you Sister. Because I get you.

Without empathy and understanding it’s hard to help couples get through their tough times, but the experience of an “elder” and social science (psychology, sociology, biology, and anthropology) can help you through all this. It’s as easy as starting

With understanding comes compassion I often say, and this combination is vital to helping you through the rough patches in your relationships.

I help you see where hurt, anger, and frustrations come from and give you the way to bring yourself to the other side of whatever situation you’re dealing with. Stat.

I’m not a sit and listen till you realize it yourself kind of expert.Instead, I like to peel back the layers and go through your history, pointing out how certain situations are leading to the reactions you have today.

Armed with information, I’ll give you what you need to work with your own physiology, taking on exercises that help aid your realizations and personal development, while expanding love.

I have a unique approach to your healing and how I help you change your relationships. Both spiritual and scientific, I get you understanding your biological animal, logical mind, and spiritual essence. These three parts of your being need to stop fighting each other, so you ultimately have more peace inside and out.

You’ll feel clearer and armed with what you need to move forward after each session. 

Clients who follow my direction quickly see results, and I have a 100% success rate with people who follow their personalized healing systems.

Do both partner have to attend sessions to change where your relationship is headed and turn it all around?


In fact, working with just one person in a couple is often all I need to do.

So if you’re ready to become the emotional leader in your relationship contact me today to find out how I can help you. Remember, somebody needs to be the hero, and if you’re with someone who loves you enough all you need to do is lead the way.

I think you are. I think you’re tired of this going on and you’re afraid of it repeating itself all over again, except maybe at some point with someone else.

I think you’re ready to realize if you’re with a good man and find out how to bring out the best in him, or want to know once and for all if you’ve chosen another guy and need to continue on your journey.

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