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Singles Academy

It can only get better from here

Single ladies, I’m about to teach you the communication tools that weed out guys who either aren’t ready to commit or simply don’t have their shit together. I help you find that amazing, loving man who’s ready for a lasting relationship by freeing you up and widening your options. Knowledge is power, and you’re going to gain the power to choose an awesome man.

You learn how to use my key technique, “No Kissing For 3 Months,” to date your way into a great relationship, and get simple tools that turn life into something filled with joy and wonder. Yes, they do go hand in hand. Have you happy cried lately? Well, get ready, because you learn how to release your emotions so you have room for the goodness that’s coming.

And I don’t just stop there. Women who continue to work as they transition into their new relationships learn how to be the emotional leader in their union. They gain peace of mind through effective, mind changing exercises, and gain insight into the male psyche that put most issues at rest. Small problems are quickly eliminated, and larger issues are dealt with more effectively.

Women who follow my formula are amazed at how quickly their lives turn around, and experience relationships that are even beyond what they’d imagined. This is why I keep using the word “magical.” It’s so good, you have to adjust…

Let me show you how easy it is to feel more happiness than you’ve known. No tricks, nothing difficult, and everything I show you doesn’t cost a thing to do. You learn the science and the spirit of what it means to be human, and you’ll learn to fall in love with your life and your partner (or future partner) all over again.

Don’t wait! If you’re ready to be happier, I’m ready to help.

If you’ve been single for long enough and want to figure out how to find the man you’re looking for…

If you’ve just broken up AGAIN and want to make sure your next relationship is the one you’ve been waiting for…

If you’re wondering if your current relationship is salvageable or worth the struggle

If you’re divorced and seeking to heal so you can bring a newer, better you to your next relationship…

I have tools that help you break through whatever’s keeping you from connecting with the man you want. Whether it’s getting past family conditioning, dealing with lingering grief, or feeling emotionally drained from spending too much time with guys who tried to tear you down instead of with a man who would love to build you up, it’s time to create lasting change that’ll help you find the relationship you want.

I work with you to tackle the issues stopping you from being with the man you want

What I do with you:

Get ready to “get into it” on our first appointment, I will be asking questions and may probe into sensitive spots. This first appointment gives me a foundation for unraveling what’s got you tied up, and “homework” will be assigned!

We meet once a week, and each appointment follows the same format: We review your progress on your previous weeks homework, we discuss what’s happened in your life during the past week, and you’re assigned new homework.

The type of work you do is based entirely on where you’re facing difficulty. I use a variety of tools to help reprogram your thought processes, and due to the science of neural plasticity creating a more positive outlook is achievable. I may also ask you to journal, or engage with other people. Be prepared to step outside your box and expand.

100% of my clients report measurable differences in feelings and thoughts by the next appointment.

What to expect:

Hands on coaching and dedication to helping you figure out how your past may be keeping you from what you want

SURPRISINGLY FAST RESULTS!! I have a 100% success rate with clients!!

Concrete tools specified to you, designed to help bust through emotional obstacles

Scientifically backed training that re-wires your brain and makes your body work FOR YOU

Advice that quickly helps isolate trouble spots in your thinking patterns and reverse them
Gentle yet firm guiding hand to help you through – I don’t let my clients fool themselves
Weekly appointments via phone
Clarity, peace, love, and increased capabilities. I help you get amazing results!

There are three stages I help you through

1) Pre-Relationship

This is where I help you to get to know YOU. In your ideal relationship you are with someone who understands you. But… Have you let go of all the past hurt that may be getting in the way of opening up to a new love? Are you really ready for a new relationship, or are you afraid you might scare off someone great? Are you in a good frame of mind, or do you often feel nervous, insecure, stressed, or anxious? Are you confused by the signals men are sending, and do you think you might be sending the wrong ones yourself? During this phase I help you work through all that and prepare the foundation for the ideal relationship, so when it comes you’re ready to build a house of love. Here, you and I work together to reduce your anxiety, bring about a more positive frame of mind, and get you seeing straight, both within yourself and in what happens when guys approach you.

2) Dating

This is a very exciting AND very confusing stage. I teach you how to navigate through with 20/20 vision, and help you get ready for certain behaviours before they (inevitably) happen. Knowledge is power, and with my help you sail through this phase, building a great framework with a GREAT man. Remember, no kissing for 3 months lets you know what kind of man he is (or isn’t), but I help you get through this without losing an ounce of attention from a good man… in fact, I help you communicate with him in such a way that he feels he can’t do enough to make you happy! This is such a great, giddy phase when it’s done right… nothing feels as wonderful as being courted!!

3) Transition

Men look to women to lead the way in a relationship, but too few women really know HOW. Now that he’s taken the time to prove he’s the man for you, I teach you how to show him you’re the woman he’s going to be in love with for the rest of his life, and how to create a relationship where all he wants to do is make you happy. You’ll learn how to make HIM happy by letting him be the man he needs to be, which keeps his focus FIRMLY ON YOU, and I’ll also teach you how to show him the way to having a highly functioning relationship, filled with communication, love, kindness, and happiness, instead of tears, fights, and moments where you wonder WTF happened.

Every single one of my clients report feeling lighter, happier, and more clear after just one week of working with me. Depending on how much past conditioning you need to clear, you might be having your first kiss with an AMAZING man within a few short months of working with me!

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