Optimal allocated time per subject is two hours, but subjects can be shortened to meet preferred time frame. Please ensure attendees have pen and paper!

Title: Use Your Online Dating Profile to Attract a Man, Not a Guy!

About: Tired of wasting time with guys who aren’t serious, or ready for a relationship? Learn how to weed out “guys” just looking for fun and attract a “man” seeking to settle down and have a great relationship, and how to build a profile that attracts the right man for YOU. Find out how to recognize responses by “guys” vs “men,” and how to deal with pushy guys online. You’ll also learn 5 texting rules that keep him wanting more, and first date 101 that has you falling in love with the RIGHT man!



Title: Finding Mr. Right

About: You wouldn’t go grocery shopping for a 5 course meal on an empty stomach and without a grocery list, right? Don’t be fooled by that “I’ll know it when I see it” feeling! Learn how to prepare for finding Mr. Right so you’ll end up with the man who’s perfect for you! You’ll create a “Perfect Man” list that works, learn how to make sure past relationship patterns don’t repeat, and find out what will help you attract and keep a great man.



Title: 12 Ways to Tell if He’s a Guy or a Man

About: Learn how to tell if he’s worth your time, and what to watch for BEFORE you commit years of your life to a relationship! You’ll learn the 12 telltale signs for spotting a guy vs a man, and what red flags should tell you to RUN, not walk, away before committing to a potential partner



Title: 7 Qualities a Real Man Looks For In a Woman

About: What is the man of your dreams looking for in a woman? Learn the 7 key qualities that are sure to attract him, including the #1 most attractive trait men LOVE.



Title: I Got This!! 5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence PRONTO!

About: Quick confidence boosting tricks that will get you through ANY situation – whether it’s dating or giving a presentation, these 5 tools give you the courage to tackle anything life throws your way. Learn how to calm your mind, reduce stress, know your value, and work any room with assurance and poise.



Title: Reduce Stress & Reconnect With Yourself 

About: Life gets busy, and can pull you in so many directions you don’t know who you are anymore. Motherhood, marriage, and career demand so much it leaves little time to breathe, let alone stay in touch with your identity, dreams, and desires. Not to mention stress levels that can go through the roof! Learn how to reduce stress, worry, and frustration, and create a sense of peace and clarity in just minutes a day. This workshop will help you get through your days with greater calmness and patience, increase happiness and intimacy with your family, help you tune into your desires and honor them, and create greater satisfaction in life.



Title: How to Live The Ultimate Loving Relationship

About: When it comes to relationships, keeping it magical (in other words, happy and harmonious) takes a certain amount of work. Learn what YOU can do to infuse any relationship with tools that keep you both happy and slicing through issues like a hot knife through butter. You’ll learn techniques that diffuse conflicts in minutes, promote problem-solving skills, and increase feelings of love, intimacy, relaxation, peace of mind, and well-being in relationships.



Title: Using Mindfulness to Become Better at EVERYTHING

About: Learn what Harvard research has proven and change your brain! You’ll learn 5 techniques that generate improvements in every aspect of your life, including family, relationships, and work. This workshop focusses on stress busting and brain developing techniques that help you through life’s toughest moments, adding happiness, peace, and magic to every day.



Title: Tap Into Your Girl Power!

About: Ever want to learn to unleash the Warrior Tribal Goddess within? This workshop teaches you to use music therapy and unleash your inner fire, creating measurable change in your chemistry that help overcome obstacles by boosting dopamine and testosterone. Want to find your girl balls? This is the class!


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