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Comeback Queen

Don’t let a broken heart keep you from finding the one who’s right for you. It’s time to repair your heart and soul, purge your ex from your psyche, and get back on the dating wagon again. Learn how to shed hurt and anger so you don’t infect future relationships, rebuild self-esteem and redefine yourself, and step back into the dating world with confidence and the ability to attract the right partner.

Fake Love

Learn how to recognize the sort of guys who deceive their way into what they want, and avoid getting trapped in the same cycles of disappointment, crying, and craving change. Get a crystal clear idea of what pitfalls and red flags to look for so you can see them a mile away, and best of all, learn what attracts and keeps real love in your life, so you can step into the sort of relationship that helps you grow into the greatest version of yourself while taking you on the best ride of your life.

No More Assholes

I wrote this book because I don’t want you to waste time finding love, and help you figure out how to avoid selfish guys and find a man who’ll make your next relationship worth your efforts. My hope is when you give your heart again, it’s to the sort of man who will give you the safe, loving emotional home you deserve.

After The First Kiss

Create the tools to help you soar through your first year so you can keep flying through the rest of your lives together. Learn how to grow and evolve together using concrete tools and anecdotal stories. Effectively work through fights, deal with exes and kids, and negotiate and compromise your way to success. Once you read this book you’ll clearly understand how to function as a team while developing the tools to grow emotionally and spiritually together.

Fix That Shit

Unpack the emotional baggage you’ve been lugging around before it becomes a destructive force in your relationship. Filled with the advice you need to help you rise above pain and become the emotional leader in your relationship, Chantal teaches you how to take care of yourself so you have the ability to help him unpack too. You’ll develop a relationship free from pain, fear, and fights and set the example of what lasting, intimate, functioning love looks like.

Say Yes To Goodness

How can you turn love into a superpower? Become fully aligned and create the magical, happy life you strive to achieve. Learn how to harmonize the ten key areas in life, and discover how fulfillment and joy are attainable simply by understanding the realities of your true nature. Love and happiness are right at your fingertips, waiting for you to discover not only how easily you can gain access to it all, but how great it feels to spread the goodness within.

Dating 101

Chantal is once again tackling the subject of love, this time taking on the way Sex ed is presented in our North American educational system and filling in the gaps. Her goal; to create a whole new generation of emotionally wise young adults gifted with insight on how to avoid common relationship pitfalls, often triggered when a basic understanding about the sciences and purpose of love remains in the dark.


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What women are saying about Comeback Queen

“Great book! You are doing women a great service! I hope you write a book for men soon!”  ~ Lisa P.

“I truly think you have nailed it. You literally have touched on everything so far. I so love that you encourage therapy, meditation, getting out and fall in love with nature and yourself again. The five steps to purging…excellent! The fact you encourage we learn from failure is reassuring as well. The texting rules are great , love the fuck you in getting mad, not even.”  ~  Cindy W.
“I’ve read several of Chantal’s books in this series. She never fails to teach, amuse, and inspire me. Chantal’s voice in this book is encouraging and clear; one gets the sense that she is sitting right next to you. Over time, she becomes an integral part of your tribe as you begin to sense that she is speaking directly to you. This book refuses to allow you to wallow in self pity over a broken heart. Instead, it props you up, gently but firmly, and escorts you from a world of shattered dreams and disappointments into one rich with potential and wonder. The exercises are pragmatic and easy to implement.  If you’ve ever experienced a breakup, grab ahold of this book!” ~ Peyton
“You were a god send today. I really felt the universe was there for me by providing you at Yonge / Eglinton Indigo precisely when I needed you! I’m the one who purchased all four of your books. I’m already feeling so much better and seeing clearly that this guy has got to go. And I’m not going to be instead ‘very good friends’ with him as he expressed interest in since that just means he wants his cake and to eat it too. He has no interest in growing up. In fact he said he takes great pride in being an asshole. I gave him more credit than he deserved before learning what he is really all about. You and your books are very healing and will change my life! SO glad to have you in my life now!” ~ Mary “I have read both of the authors books and I think they are very good! Comeback Queen gave me some focus around what the heck kind of dating style I need to incorporate for my own benefit. The book is a easy and quick read, but there are some good “to do” items for the reader along the way which help you assess who you are, what you want and how to step out in the world and get it! Honestly, I am using what I learned ( or already knew but just was afraid to own or go after) about relationships and dare I say I am on the right track with a really great guy!?1?! Worth the read and the money. There is something for every woman in this book.” ~ Lisa

What women are saying about Fake Love Need Not Apply

“Bought this for my mom because she’s single and is spending a lot of time looking online for a relationship. So far she’s loving it!”  ~ Amazon Customer

“This book is the best medicine for all women! A must read for us kind souls everywhere! You can find happiness!”  ~ Amazon Customer

What men and women are saying about No More Assholes 

“Your book made me smile lots and realize “what I won’t stand for,” fuck that! Lol”  ~ Samantha Harley   “Your book was the icing on the cake for my trip. I was just itching to read it.  Thank you for writing that, it’s so helpful for me and my situation and I’m sure many other single women. I feel like I should’ve taken notes that’s why I’m reading it again!”  ~ Kerry Read   “Very, very effective. Great advice, and concise. What people really need to know to move into a really great love.” ~ Sandra O’Hagan   “You made me laugh! I particularly love the relaxed, conversational tone; it really puts the reader at ease. Taught me plenty and addressed all my challenges, thank you for the education!”     – Chris Patton, author of Showing Up – Becoming the me I want to be.

“I bought your book “No More A..” at Bayview Village (Toronto) with my daughter in mind as you recommended it. I got to tell you I am only 1/2 way through it, but I love it!!! You are very insightful and I love your thought paths and explanations. I know the book is for her, but I will give it to her after I finish. Continued success. Will be buying more of your books. ~ Best, Arthur”
“I bought three of your books for a woman I’m seeing – I gave her the book on “assholes” and highlighted the chapter on Guys versus Men – I think my love for her reflects a Man.  Also I highlighted the chapter on being put on a pedestal, because I think she has a hard time accepting a better love than she’s used to getting. ” ~ Jim.

“Beautiful!” “I found this extremely uplifting!” “Excellent writing!” “I was inspired to do the work!”

“I I have many mentors Jim Rhon. Weyne Dyer.Tony Robbins.Less brown…and Now you. Chantal Heide. I’m so glad i walked into Indigo!” ~ Mari. G

What people are saying about After The First Kiss

“After reading the first book “No More Assholes” I picked up a few of her other books that related to my life at the time.. Every book has been helpful in every way” ~Sashi “I have read tons of “self help” books for the past 40 years. Many of them are redundant rehashes of cliches and and overworked platitudes. This book is a rare treasure that combines originality, personal vignettes, and practical, actionable ideas. Although the primary target is women in search of a sustainable, enchanting relationship, there is a wealth of information that will appeal to men as well. It’s a must read for anyone who is interested in enjoying a mutually satisfying intimate relationship. The author’s approach to how to succeed in romance is bold and innovative. Her writing style is friendly, personable, engaging – I sometimes got the impression she was writing to me as if she knew me. Her understanding of basic humanity is uncanny. This book is more than challenging and illuminating – it is fun. Read it once, then read it again over and over. You’ll be charmed, educated, and yes, you may well be persuaded. This lady knows what she’s talking about!” ~ Peyton Kitt

“This book is fantastic. It is so easy to read and understand. There’s tons of information, tips and advice on how to avoid problems or bad situations in a new relationship with easy steps on how to remedy them before they get out of hand. This book is intended for couples in a first year relationship but it will surely work for all couples regardless of how long they have been together.” ~ Pierre Allard

What couples are saying about Fix That Shit

“I’m just writing to let you know about your book “Fix that shit” and wanted to thank you for writing! It was an amazing book and I enjoyed every minute of it. It’s helping with my husband and I in sticky situations by following the advice in your book! Can definitely relate to the book,  and it really got me thinking and realizing. I already notice a positive change!
 Thanks again and I’m looking forward to reading your other books! Keep up the amazing work!”  ~  Jessica L.

“Me and my husband Ren want to Thank you for the truly inspirational book and advice you gave in your book “Fix That Shit” we just started to read the first few chapters together today and already we are using some of the the advice from your book and putting it into practice. Keep up the amazing work.” ~  Gislene and Ren “Best wedding anniversary gift to myself, ever. Thank you for magically appearing in my life!” ~ Teri Lauren

“Your book is wonderful, we’ve enjoyed it. Helped us connect so much better mentally and physically, we rebounded and we’re expecting hopefully!!” ~ Lane Dempsey

What people are saying about Say Yes To Goodness

“This book is by far my favourite… I have lean’t it out to friends because of its goodness… This one changed my life!: ~ Sashi “I was looking for something to ease my soul searching. This was it!”  ~ Mel. C ” I read it twice and gave two away to people who need to hear this!” ~ G.J

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