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Commit to change with this 5-session program and learn to overcome emotional insecurity, fear and overthinking, negative behaviours, and mindsets that hold you back. Get the tools you need to heal your relationships, nurture your needs, and forge forward in life.



This package gives you Email access between sessions to help clarify sticky situations and understand how to quickly get through confusions as they arise.

As I like to say, “it’s easier for me to give you the next step than help you undo something you shouldn’t have done.”


Individual/ Couples


Gain clarity and a plan in my highly efficient one-on-one sessions. Benefit from my ability to see straight into the heart of any matter and achieve understanding faster than with conventional therapies. Whether it’s “should I stay or should I go?”, “how can I get into the right relationship?” or “how can I fix this trouble spot?” Get the answer and plan you need today.

All sessions with me are non-refundable, never expire and are fully transferable.

It’s time to take the leap and create something better for your yourself.

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What People Have to Say

Her energy and light is one of a kind. She has helped me so much and so many people. Forever grateful for everything that you do Chantal.

Natalia Falarz

If you want to really find the one or better your relationship with your current partner, you have found the one who is going to give you all the tools in a kind and honest matter. I’ve never found anyone who voices it better than Chantal. She is amazing!

Elizabeth Estrada

There were so many concepts discussed. Not only hormones triggering your body with certain emotions, but the idea of vommiting insecurities into a relationship. Also the idea of meditation to shrink your amygdala, so you’re not over stressed to prevent unnecessary arguments.


Get Step-by-Step Instructions Distinguishing Between the Guys and the Men

My singles let the wrong Guys fall away, while keeping themselves available for the best Men, by using my No Kissing for 3 Months dating rule.

When guiding couples into stable relationships, my targeted advice time and again proves itself to be quick, effective, and best of all, calming, as I teach them how to achieve a zero-fighting relationship.

You too deserve to have a fulfilling and happy relationship—with yourself and your partner

Read my book No More Assholes now

If you’re ready to…

Find real (and lasting!) alignment with your partner

Achieve true relationship goals using my easy to follow 7-step formula.

Venture into the next chapter of your life with unlimited love and abundance.

Then let’s do a deep dive into the relationship tips and 

insights that help you finally find (and keep!) a loving 

relationship that will satisfy your soul.

Why Are Relationships So Damn Hard?

Welcome, my Love!

The “norms” of dating used to involve way more.

There used to be clear rules for making a relationship work.

Today, relationships feel so complex.

And now, new relationship “norms” can leave you not only heartbroken — but alone — particularly as hook-up culture has made its way to the public.

Romantic relationships can be difficult to maintain because they need more emotional, physical, spiritual, and even mental intimacy than any other relationship — which can be overwhelming to handle at times.

This type of situation has become complicated, confusing, and it can be really damaging if you aren’t sure how to navigate the issues between yourself and your partner.

Aren’t you tired of leaving your relationship’s future to the unknown? I know you are.

So many of my clients and readers come to me with the same problems:

The thing is, climbing up that mountain to heal yourself and your partner’s beliefs about love takes time…

It takes TLC…

And the right coach to help you get there and truly heal.


I have the solution for you, right here.

Read my book Fix That Shit now

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