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Kathleen Patti
Kathleen Patti
16:33 08 Dec 21
I’m very excited to read her books! I discovered her on TikTok and she has some amazing advice. I just went to one of her live sessions and She directly answered questions. I feel like she gave me so many things I need to think about and work on with myself to become a happier healthier dater! I’m going to read her books and then maybe do a coaching session with her!
Carly Furst
Carly Furst
04:35 26 Nov 21
I love Chantal’s Tik Toks and her lives! I recently had to leave me home to escape my abusive relationship and am living in a state where I only know my sister. Chantal’s lives not only help me feel less alone, but she also answers any questions I have and offers tons of encouragement and validation. Watching her lives genuinely feels like getting advice from a good friend. I can not express how much the company has helped me, even if it’s through a phone screen ❤️
Nadezhda Boginya
Nadezhda Boginya
03:57 19 Nov 21
Chantal is absolutely amazing! Her knowledgeable expertise and wisdom are limitless. Her coaching approach is authentic, compassionate and very personable. Can’t recommend her enough!!
Katie Paoletti
Katie Paoletti
19:50 25 Oct 21
Chantal gives amazing life/dating advice. She’s so sweet but also to the point and doesn’t sugar coat her advice, she will tell it how it is. If you’re looking for a dating coach, she is the one!!!
Vanessa Jaimes
Vanessa Jaimes
02:48 11 Sep 21
Chantal is amazing! She has helped me so much through her TikTok lives, her videos, and her books. I have 2 of her books, currently reading “No More Assholes” and it’s great! Such good advice and I love all the analogies she uses to help the reader understand her points. She’s made me realize behaviors that I’ve done in the past that were toxic, and by watching her I feel like I am such a better person & will be a great partner with the next person I date. I 1000% recommend! 💜💜💜
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