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Where there’s a heart of love, there will always be healing. It’s time to begin a new life with love, happiness, and these life-changing books!

Chantal Heide Canadas Dating Coach


Welcome, my sister! I’m Chantal Heide, known as Canada’s Dating Coach.

Chantal Heide Canada's Dating Coach


These books are the perfect storm of nerdy science and human experience (combined with a love of teaching) all culminating into your guide for creating awesomeness.

So, if you’re tired…

■ Tired of selfish, short term thinkers.

■ Tired of fighting with the man who makes you laugh more than anyone else in this world.

■ Tired of a broken heart and ready for someone who will love and appreciate you.

Then you’ll want to join me.

Discover Just How Natural Dating Can Truly Be

Dating is not easy — especially in today’s culture. But, there is still hope for love to thrive.

You just have to know how to navigate it.

But, how? Well, that’s easy. Right here!

Comeback Queen: Make a Triumphant Return to Dating After Divorce

Comeback Queen Chantal Heide

Divorce isn’t a setback. It’s a wake-up call that the right man is still out there, waiting for you. Don’t let a broken heart keep you from finding him. It’s time to repair your heart and soul, purge your ex from your psyche, and get back on the dating wagon again.

Learn how to shed hurt and anger so you don’t infect future relationships, how to rebuild self-esteem and redefine yourself, and how to step back into the dating world with confidence and the ability to attract the right partner.

In this fun and informative book, you’ll discover:

■ Steps to heal your heart and know your worth.
■ Strategies to stop the spinning “why’s” and calm your mind.
■ Dating rules that let you stay in control going forward.

Grieving the end of a relationship is never fun. But it can be over faster, if you have the right information…

Grab your tea, your jammies, and this book for inner healing.

Melissa O.
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“Chantal knows how to help you heal from a divorce and get back into the dating field.

I love how honest and real she is when she talks about her divorce, and how she learned to move on and find love.

It’s so easy when you are going through a divorce to simply point the finger at the other person, but if you aren’t willing to accept any blame, then you will never find love. This book was exactly what I needed to give me that kick-in the butt to start dating.”

No More Assholes: Your 7-Step Guide to Saying Goodbye to Guys and Finding the Real Man You’re looking For

No More Assholes

I help you understand human behavior and recognize our amazing ability to create a fulfilling spiritual connection.

Through simple explanations and anecdotal stories, you can:

■ Learn the science of attraction and human behavior.
■ Avoid dating pitfalls.
■ Attract the ideal relationship you want faster.

You’ll gain a greater sense of your own true worth and increased confidence knowing how to communicate what you want in a relationship, without fear of sounding needy or unrealistic.

I skillfully set you on a path of intimacy with yourself and teach you how to engage with others in a way that opens the door to a deeply loving and lasting relationship.

From getting over an ex to conflict resolution, once you meet the right person, I teach you how to find and keep a loving relationship that will satisfy your soul.

If you’re looking for a book that will enrich your love life “for life,” this is the one!

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“This book is LIFE CHANGING. Of all the books I’ve read about relationships, growth, love, and dating, this book is by far the most profound.

I read it cover to cover in 2 days, highlighting, bookmarking, and journaling alongside it. After I finished, I felt focused and excited to begin a new path filled with self-love, focus, empowerment, and calm.

If you’ve hit a wall and feel like your dating life controls your mood and mental state more than it should, if you keep getting stuck with the wrong person and if you want a simple, effective way out - this book is for you.

Best book I’ve ever read and I have so much gratitude for the universe guiding Chantal Heide to write this book and guiding me to find it on the Internet.”

Dating 101: Understanding the Drives, Behaviours and Emotions Behind Love

Book Dating 101

It’s time to address the way Sex Ed is presented in our North American educational system, and fill in the gaps.

This book will create a whole new generation of emotionally wise young adults, gifted with insight on how to avoid common dating and relationship pitfalls.

Gain a clearer understanding of the sciences and purpose of love so you don’t stay in the dark.

Kathleen Lopez
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“There were so many concepts discussed. Not only hormones trigger your body with certain emotions, but also the idea of discussing insecurities in a relationship.

Also, the idea of meditation is to shrink your amygdala, so you’re not over stressed to prevent unnecessary arguments.

Fake Love Need Not Apply: The Single Girl’s Guide to avoiding Posers, Losers, Scammers and Predators

Book Fake Love Need Not Apply

Never risk your heart again! Learn how to recognize the type that takes more than they give before they can gain a #1 spot in your life.

Plus, insights into what makes you immune to takers once and for all. If you’ve ever fallen prey to unmotivated, unloving Guys before, then this is the book for you.

Christine Campbell
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“This single handedly changed my life. This is the best book I have ever read. I can't recommend it enough. I suffered from abandonment anxiety, constant fighting, anxiety, stress, and trust issues in a relationship. BUY IT NOW.

Chantal is stunning, she reads my mind, and I trust her wisdom and judgment so much. TRUST ME, I fought with my partner for years in our relationship.

We got back to college years later, never imagined we would, and it was so much better, but still had issues and fights. It is the best relationship I have ever been in, and I am so thankful for this book.”

Become an Emotional Overcomer in Relationships

It’s fantastic over here on the blissful side of relationships, and I made it happen via a formula that anyone can use. 

And all you have to do? Pick up one of my best-selling books and start reading…

After The First Kiss: Making Your First Year Together Ridiculously Awesome

After The First Kiss Book

In this best-seller, I take you even further and teach you how to build and maintain deep love and intimacy in your new relationship.

■ How do you not only keep the magic alive, but also deepen it after each hurdle?
■ How do you make unpacking emotional baggage together simple?
■ How can you soar through your first year so you can continue flying through the rest of your lives together?

After The First Kiss shows you how to build new ways of relating as a couple, ensuring that past hurts don’t carry into your future.

Using concrete tools and anecdotal stories, I show you how to evolve through common relationship issues, so you can effectively work through fights and negotiate your way to success.

Once you read this book, you’ll clearly understand how to function as a team, while developing the tools to grow emotionally and spiritually together.

You can keep your relationship from ending because little things keep turning into big fights.

This early stage is the perfect time to learn how to evolve and grow together. Take action now to set the tone for something sensational.

Taylor G.
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“So glad I bought this book! I'm dating someone, and we're talking about making it serious, and I realize so many mistakes I would have made if I hadn't read this!

Definitely an eye-opener when it comes to accepting dating a baby-daddy, which I am. There is so much great advice about not rushing and how to not make unnecessary waves. I highly recommend it, and worth reading BEFORE you get into a serious relationship.”

Fix That Shit:
A Woman’s Guide to Getting Past the Sticky Stuff

Fix That Shit

This book is filled with the advice you need to rise above drama and become the emotional leader in your relationship. 

I will teach you how to care for yourself and develop the ability to help your partner become more plugged in too. 

Whether you’re just starting out and seeking to avoid downward spirals or dealing with decades old struggles, you’ll learn the tools that help you:

■ Calm your minds
■ Avoid conflicts
■ Communicate effectively
■ Come together with love and intimacy even after the biggest fights

It’s never too early or too late to break through hurt and anger, and keep the magic of love at your fingertips.

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“I struggle with being inside my own head too much, and this book has enlightened me on so many levels.

Using meditation to help regulate, understand, and surrender to my emotions, while empowering me to embrace the rest of my life with more patience, understanding, and love.

Chantal has such a down to earth approach to explaining everything that I love. Thank you, thank you!”

Fix That Shit for Men: A Man’s Guide to Getting Past the Sticky Stuff

Book Fix That Shit For Men

How do you stop the cycle of fights to heal a relationship?  

Overcoming hurt, anger, and persistent fighting can seem like an impossible task. 

But I’m here to make it easier with actionable advice so you can finally get you the relationship you’ve always wanted. 

By teaching how to become an emotional leader using simple tools that are easy to implement, you’ll pave the way for long-lasting functional love. 

Finding real love and happiness isn’t as hard as we’re conditioned to think, and it’s time to lean into the simple approach we should have been taught long ago. 

Using Social Sciences like Psychology, Anthropology, and Biology, I will show you how to understand the way your body and mind work so you can effectively implement tools that stop the cycle of fighting – for good. 

Are you ready to:

■ Experience the love of your life
■ Develop deep intimacy that makes you smile on a daily basis
■ Relax into the knowledge that you’re solid, close, and functioning well together as a team

Donavan Sanchez
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“I loved every part of this book. It opened my eyes to a perspective I never would have thought of.

I never thought I needed to learn about what a good relationship was and I feel like my eyes have been opened to a while new world of possibilities.

A world where the perfect relationship is not only real but attainable with the right direction and this book has done for me. Not only did it help my relationships but it helped me be a better friend, father and just all around better person."

Delve Deeper into Your Self-Love Journey

Life can be difficult to navigate. But, It’s never too early or too late to break through years of built up hurt and anger, and keep the magic of love at your fingertips. 

You don’t have to feel confused, doubtful, overwhelmed, and alone.

So, don’t miss out on a chance to delve deeper into your self-love journey with these life-changing books!

Custom Made: Uncover Your Purpose & Light That Shit Up

Book Custom Made

Ready to unleash your purpose and tap into a more meaningful life? You’ll discover exercises designed to help you tap into your hidden talents and feel inspired to create something beyond your wildest dreams. This book will help you realize your full potential and even monetize it, so you start getting paid doing what you love.

I believe the time is now to manifest your deepest abilities and fully develop what you’re custom-made to do. Don’t you?

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“My new favorite author!! It’s as though every page spoke to me.

I didn’t even know how much I needed her insight in my everyday life. I even bought her relationship book shortly after this one.

To top it off, I didn’t consider myself a reader or book lover until right now. Thank you for your knowledge and sharing it, Chantal!!

Say Yes to Goodness: 10 Steps to a Complete and Happy You

Say Yes to Goodness

Learn how to harmonize the ten key areas in life, and discover how fulfillment and joy are attainable simply by understanding the realities of your true nature.

Perspective is the key to happiness, and I teach you the right way to approach your life for greater satisfaction both inside and outside your relationship.

Love and happiness are right at your fingertips, waiting for you to discover how easily you can gain access to it all, and how wonderful it feels to realize the Goodness within.

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“I found Chantal on social media, and decided to give Say Yes to Goodness a chance while in the lowest low of my life. I was so depressed, in a relationship that seemed like a one way ticket to hell and heartbreak, and I had no idea where to start picking up the pieces.

Say Yes to Goodness taught me how to understand my behavior, and adjust it so happiness was something I could have. It taught me that happiness was not impossible, or some unachievable feeling, rather, something I could decide. Happiness was all around me, and I just needed to accept it. Of course this won't cure your clinical depression, but it can be a shovel to help you dig yourself out of that hole.

This tool is not like other self help books. Chantal tells it like it is, and teaches you how to behave like a happy person. Chantal will not beat around the bush, if you want happiness, she lays out what you need to do to get it.

If you are feeling down, or like something in your life is missing, GET THIS BOOK! I have read so many "self-help" books that give generic, and general ideas as to how to feel better, but this book really teaches you clear and direct steps to be happy.

I am now a more positive person, I understand so much more about my behavior, and the behavior of those around me. I feel like my positivity has spread to those that are close to me, and they can see that I am a happier person. I am so thankful I found Chantal and I will definitely be reading all of her books in the future."

Check Out My Book Bundle Deals

4-Ebook Bundle Deal

4 Book Bundle

Finding real love and happiness isn’t as hard as we’re conditioned to think, and it’s time to lean into the simple approach we should have been taught long ago.

From guiding singles into stable relationships to calming issues between couples, my books’ targeted advice time and again proves itself to be quick, effective, and best of all, calming.

Book 1 | Comeback Queen: Make a Triumphant Return to Dating After Divorce

Book 2 | No More Assholes: Your 7-Step Guide to Saying Goodbye to Guys and Finding the Real Man You’re looking For

Book 3 | After The First Kiss: Making Your First Year Together Ridiculously Awesome

Book 4 | Fix That Shit: A Couples Guide to Getting Past The Sticky Stuff

2-Ebook Bundle Deal

You left the middle school playground behind years ago, so why are you still dealing with guys who play games?

Or maybe you already have the love of your life (kudos to you!), but things aren’t looking too good in the romance department…

Dating is not easy — especially in today’s culture. But, there is still hope for love to thrive.

Book 1 | No More Assholes: Your Seven Step Guide To Saying Goodbye To Guys And Finding The Real Man You’re Looking For

Book 2 | Fix That Shit: A Couples Guide To Getting Past The Sticky Stuff

2-Ebook Bundle Deal

Bundle 2 Books Fix That Shit

How do you stop the cycle of fights to heal a relationship?

Because a relationship takes two, you can discover how to build a stronger relationship together that is resistant to pain and fear and open to long-term and successful love.

Book 1 | Fix That Shit: A Woman’s Guide to Getting Past the Sticky Stuff
Book 2 | Fix That Shit for Men: A Man’s Guide to Getting Past the Sticky Stuff

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