Chantal Heide Canadas Dating Coach
Chantal Heide Canadas Dating Coach

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If you want to find closure, move on to find the real man you want, or work with your partner, my books, No More Assholes and Fix That Shit, will get you there.

Not Your Typical Methods - Distance Yourself from Fake Partners, Boost Your Confidence, and Discover a New Way to Find Love or Reconnect With The Partner You Have.


My books, No More Assholes and Fix That Shit, will teach you how to rethink the way you look at love.

Get to know the difference between Guys and Men, and deal with the issues you face.

2 Books Bundle

You Don’t Deserve to Be Hurt By Anyone

Being in a relationship is hard, and having the knowledge on how to work with your partner is invaluable.

It’s not surprising that “relationship help” is a common search phrase. So many women want to find the love they feel is missing – and you deserve to have it, too!

Unfortunately, so many suggested techniques and methods just aren’t relatable or practical.

Men and women often struggle with being able to communicate effectively with one another without the right help. you don’t genuinely understand each other – but that’s normal.

Instead, you end up with fights. The result is conflict in a relationship that ends in hurt feelings. You both believe that the other person doesn’t understand who you are or doesn’t listen to what you’re saying.

If Only You Knew How to Improve Your Relationship

Here’s the thing – you already have the skills to recognize the right person and improve your chances of finding the best kind of love.

You might not believe it because you’ve had failed relationship after failed relationship, fight after fight.

You feel stuck, hopeless, and wondering whether or not you’ll ever find the right man or feel that connection where you both know you fit together.

What if it was easier than you thought? What if you knew what to do to make it happen?

The No More Assholes and + Fix That Shit Book Bundle

Created by Canada’s leading Conscious Dating coach, Chantal Heide, this bundle teaches you how to pick the right person to be your partner and to unpack the emotional baggage we all carry.

Here’s what you can expect when you get this book bundle:


Connect with who you are – Figure out who you are, what you want, and why you want it. You’ll be ready to become the best version of yourself and find the partner you deserve.


Understand how to connect with the right partner – It’s a game we all play, but many times, you don’t have the tools to understand how to connect with your partner. With Chantal’s steps, you’ll finally crack that code.


Find confidence you didn’t know you had – Confidence is sexy. As you connect with your true self and realize your self-worth, your confidence will soar. You’ll be better able to communicate what you want without worrying about sounding insecure or needy.


Learn how to rise above the drama – Disagreements and arguments happen. With the information found in this bundle, you’ll know how to handle issues and create a loving relationship even after the biggest arguments.

Chantal Heide 2 Books Bundle

Here’s What To Do Next

The books are written in an easy-to-read format, and for less than the price of a meal out, you can be ready to go in a new direction with your relationships. All you need to do is:…

A Closer Peek At What You Can Expect…

No More Assholes

Inside No More Assholes, you’ll get a 7-step guide that you can use to separate men from the guys.  Learn to recognize the patterns that have forced you down the wrong path and break them.

Finding Mr. Right is quite literally in your hands, and the approach is backed by the science of
human behaviour and attraction. You can take control of your love life and say goodbye to those pitfalls so you can have the relationship you deserve.

Fix That Shit

When you get to Fix That Shit, be prepared to heal the emotional baggage that you might not even know exists.  Caring about yourself is a good thing, and Chantal helps you understand that – because if you don’t care about yourself, you’re going to have a heck of a time accepting love and care from others.

Realize that it is never too late to find the breakthrough that will lead you to the relationship and love that you want. Are you ready to experience what it means to be happy and fulfilled in a genuine, loving relationship? If you are, then this is the bundle for you.

A Real And Lasting Relationships Is Within Your Grasp.

2 Books Bundle

These strategies work, plain and simple. It’s up to you to make the decision to take the next step and make your love life your own. You deserve to be happy, and with the right tools in your arsenal, that reality is not that far away.

With a 100% success rate, if you follow the directions and do what you need to do, you can’t go wrong. Reduce your anxiety and fears while developing confidence and understanding for yourself and your partner.

That’s why this bundle is here – it’s to help you achieve your greatest sense of self and then apply what you learn to encourage love to grow the right way.


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