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I have read tons of “self help” books for the past 40 years. Many of them are redundant rehashes of cliches and and overworked platitudes. This book is a rare treasure that combines originality, personal vignettes, and practical, actionable ideas. Although the primary target is women in search of a sustainable, enchanting relationship, there is a wealth of information that will appeal to men as well. It’s a must read for anyone who is interested in enjoying a mutually satisfying intimate relationship.

The author’s approach to how to succeed in romance is bold and innovative. Her writing style is friendly, personable, engaging – I sometimes got the impression she was writing to me as if she knew me. Her understanding of basic humanity is uncanny. This book is more than challenging and illuminating – it is fun.


So glad I bought this book. I’m dating someone and we’re talking about making it serious, and I see so many mistakes I would have made if I hadn’t read this! Definitely an eye opener when it comes to accepting dating a baby-daddy, which I am. Lots of great advice about not rushing and how to not make unnecessary waves. I highly recommend it, and worth reading BEFORE you get into a serious relationship.

Colleen G

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