Chantal Heide

For those seeking to end relationship roller coasters Chantal is fast becoming the Go To guru. From guiding singles into stable relationships to calming issues between couples she has been an incredible voice of reason and harmony, her targeted advice proving itself to be quick, effective, and best of all, calming.

After decades of decoding the Human Condition she is now going mainstream to help even more singles find lasting love and couples maintain relationships filled with happiness and kind of magic that happens when fights are no longer a “normal” occurrence. Her advice resonates long after her sessions, and when she teaches everyone comes away with something valuable. The power of her advice lies in combining sound, scientifically backed logic with an astute understanding of  how we interact.

She is a firm believer in the healing power of love, and finds joy teaching her clients how to the achieve deep, intimate connections found in oneself and with others. She helps them uncover the value in their truth, creating an inner satisfaction that resonates and attracts quality people who expand on their elevated quality of life. All her clients report significant increases in their sense of peace, happiness, and clarity within the first two weeks… and they only go up from there. Her techniques, though based on helping individuals achieve relationship goals, bleed into other areas of her clients’ lives and create improvements on multiple levels, including work and family life.

She enjoys a thriving practice and is boldly carving her way through Canadian culture. She has studied Philosophy in Montreal, Social Sciences (Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Biology) in Waterloo, and inner peace peace with spiritual guru’s from sensual Montreal to the Mountains of Mexico City.

Her own relationship timeline has risen from disastrous to blissful, and it’s from this wealth of knowledge she teaches the road-map for finding what you’re looking for in a relationship. Chantal’s core belief is that with knowledge and insight into our our three elements; our biological animal, our logical mind, and our spiritual essences; genuine and lasting love is in the palm of our hands.

She maintains a solid and happy marriage with her husband Dennis, and enjoys watching her two beautiful step children grow into great young adults. Her own babies are of the fur variety and occasionally make appearances in her You Tube videos. She is a member of Zonta, an international UN recognized organization of women working to raise the status of women worldwide through advocacy and education, and is passionate about helping women achieve the love and respect they deserve in this world.

Chantal does what she does because she firmly believes in her life’s purpose; to teach, create, and spread love. She attracts those with a deep commitment to creating meaningful relationships and her clients are part of her ripple effect, passing on what they’ve learned and continuing the expansion of functional love. One of her greatest joys are found in the words “I got my  (friend, sister, etc) to use your advice and it helped them!”

When she’s not writing articles and books, meditating, giving dynamic talks, and attending book signings, she’s engaged in dance and music therapy, journaling, yoga, spending quality time with her husband and strong tribe of women, and enjoying the countryside with her expressive fur babies.

Dear Reader,

I wasn’t always this strong and sure of myself…

Sometimes, you have to be brought to your knees to really understand how to get up, and in my late 30’s I hit the breaking point. My only sister’s death, my mother’s damaging anger, my failing relationship, all came to a head and I spiraled into a depression so deep I came close to ending my life.
Luckily I saw a path, and in my quest to save my own life I discovered something; happiness and emotional freedom absolutely is a science. I learned exactly what it takes to become the emotional leader in my life, but perhaps more importantly I discovered that I could teach others how to do the same.
I WILL help you tap into that happiness we are all capable and deserving of.

What I’ve seen is that almost everyone can use some help – some will admit it more than others – but any average person has feelings of uncertainty, has experiences with depression, toxic relationships, or a troubled past that lacked support and understanding. Those are the people I get up in the morning for.

I’m human, falling down and learning from experience is probably the best course I’ve taken but my commitment to understanding and sharing information is why I’ve spent more than 20 years studying Social Sciences like Sociology, Biology and Psychology, and how behaviours directly impact our well-being. All of this learning about life is what I offer.

I believe my talent is perspective, my passion is teaching, and my reward is the incredible gratitude I get daily from people who’ve felt uplifted and experienced positive change in their lives because of my articles, talks and books. “I never looked at things that way” They’ll say. “It’s like I can hear your voice guiding me in those tough moments” or “I feel so truly happy now!”. People are so often my best sounding board, they show me that my lessons are effective, and when 10 years later I get emails from a couple who tells me they’re toasting to me on their anniversary …Well, it just motivates you to keep going.

At the end of the day emotions are infectious, and I’ve realized that the work I do reaches farther than that one individual or group in front of me. When I teach someone how to tap into that happiness, that magic that’s woven into their DNA, that person then effects somebody else – in their family, at their work, in their circle of friends; and that person effects another person, then another, creating a widening circle of positivity that hopefully makes the world a better place.

I invite you to explore into what I’ve got to give! Follow me on social media, download free resources on my website, come see me live at my next event, or read and share my books.
Remember, you can, and should be, the emotional leader in your life.

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