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The change-maker for relationship success always starts with relaxing your brain with understanding. My tools and lessons are based in Sociology, Psychology, Behaviourism, Anthropology, Biology, and finished off with Mindfulness.

So grab a book, and sit with me. It’s time to heal that pain, and begin to finally experience a heart full of love and happiness.


Are You Ready For Change NOW? Then Coaching Is Your Solution


— You too can be a part of my 100% success rate… but can you follow my lead? If you want fast, effective, efficient, and empowering change, find out why I was awarded the title of Life Coach in 2019.


— Whatever stage of your life and relationship status you’re at, there’s a book to guide you and lift you up to the next level.


— ALL of my self-help books begin with Meditation. Gain access to some of the purest Binaural Beat tracks, and download my Free Meditation Guide designed exclusively for you.

Meet Canada’s Dating Coach, Chantal Heide

For those seeking an end to the relationship roller coaster, Chantal — along with her 100% success rate — is fast becoming the go-to guru.

From guiding singles into stable relationships to calming issues between couples, she has been an incredible voice of reason and harmony. And her targeted advice time and again proves itself to be quick, effective, and best of all, calming.

4 Of Chantal Heide's Best Selling Books

No More Assholes

— Vetting Process
There are selfish, short term thinkers, and then generous, long term thinkers. Don’t fall for someone in the wrong category.

Fix That Shit

— Emotional Healing
I teach you how to become the emotional leader every relationship needs. Learn how to show him what functional love truly looks like, all while training yourself to calm your own mind and emotions. You can heal past wounds for both of you!

Comeback Queen

— Breakup Relief
Grieving the end of a relationship is never fun. But it can be over faster, if you know how… Grab your tea and jammies, and this book for inner healing.

After The First Kiss

— Relationship Building.
You can keep your relationship from ending because little things keep turning into big fights. This early stage is the perfect time to learn how to evolve and grow together. Take action now to set the tone for something sensational.

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