17 May

When Is It Time To Start Dating After Divorce? (Or Death Of A Spouse)

Dear Chantal, It’s been a year since my divorce and I’m starting to feel like I might be ready to start dating. I’ll be honest, it was not an easy divorce by any means and it’s still difficult at times. ...

08 May

I Found My Friends Husband on Tinder. Do I Tell Her He’s a Cheat?

Dear Chantal, I’m single and am using multiple dating sites to try and find The One. One of the dating apps I’m using is Tinder, and last week I was scrolling through and saw my friend’s husband on there. He’s ...

01 May

Can A Relationship Feel Spiritual?

Dear Chantal I keep hearing about “spiritual connections” in relationships and I’m wondering if something like that actually exists. I’m currently single and looking for “the one,” and I want something that feels very deep and connected, because it feels ...

24 Apr

I’m Tired Of Just Finding Jerks Online

Dear Chantal, HELP! I’m so tired of online dating. It’s not that I don’t get responses to my profile, it’s that every guy I talk to ends up being a jerk! Everyone seems great at first, they’ll be really sweet ...

17 Apr

The Person I Love Keeps Going Back To Their Abusive Ex

Dear Chantal, I’m in a relationship with a wonderful woman, however before me she was in an abusive 4 year on and off relationship. We have had some absolutely wonderful and amazing times, full of love and romance, but whenever ...

10 Apr

How Do I Take This From “Seeing Each Other” to “Committed Relationship?”

Dear Chantal I have been dating this guy for about 4 months. All is great, we have fun and have a wonderful connection. We plan dates in the future and get excited to see each other. He has not asked ...

03 Apr

I’m sick of being ghosted

Dear Chantal, What’s up with guys who stop texting? My single girlfriends and I have this happen all the time and it’s getting really annoying. We’ll be getting to know someone and then we just don’t hear from them anymore. ...

27 Mar

My Relationship Feels Rocky Because He Doesn’t Talk About His Feelings!

Dear Chantal I need your help getting my man to talk more about his feelings. I don’t know what’s up or down anymore; just when I think we’re getting along fine everything blows up, and he tells me he’s been ...

17 Mar

Why Do Guys Get Cold Feet After They Start A Relationship?

Dear Chantal, I just got out of a relationship that started out pretty hot and heavy but fizzled shortly after we started saying “I love you.”  Why do guys get cold feet like that?! Leesa Dear Leesa, What can I ...

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14 Mar

We Moved Too Fast And Now He’s Freaking Out!

Dear Chantal, My boyfriend and I have moved way too fast in our relationship. In a short period of time we’ve already met each other’s family and friends, made future plans, and said “I love you.” Now, he’s called me ...

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