02 Aug

Should I Text Him Again?

Dear Chantal, Last week I went on a first date with someone I was set up with through a mutual friend. We had a great time, had a lot in common, and the conversation flowed the whole night. He even ...

14 Jul

I Broke Up With Him, But He’s Still Pulling My Strings

Dear Chantal We met yesterday at Indigo Yorkdale, and you signed a copy of No More Assholes for me. I started reading it as soon as I got home. I’ve already left sticky notes on the pages I know I’ll ...

07 Jul

I Want A Relationship, But There’s No Way A Guy Will Wait For A Kiss

Dear Chantal I’m from New York and I’ve got to say, your no kissing for 3 months rule wouldn’t work here. The environment is super-fast paced and if you don’t wow somebody pretty quick they’re going to move on and ...

26 Jun

My Future Relationship Should Accept My Issues, Right?

Dear Chantal I’m hoping you can settle a discussion between my friend and me. I’ll be the first to admit I have my issues; I come from an abusive background and it’s probably the reason why I have such a ...

16 Jun

My New Boyfriends Phone Gets More Facetime Than I Do

Dear Chantal I’ve been dating someone for about a month now and I’m questioning whether or not I should keep seeing him. He has a lot of the qualities I’ve been looking for; he’s thoughtful and has given me plenty ...

08 Jun

He Says He’s Not Ready For A Relationship, But He’s Perfect!

Dear Chantal I met a guy, and he’s perfect! He’s handsome, successful, hardworking, kind, and funny. He’s a single dad and takes good care of his 11 year old daughter, co-parenting well with her mom. He’s really everything I’ve wanted, ...

25 May

What Can I Do About His Rude Kids?

Dear Chantal We met at a book signing in February at Indigo in Toronto, where I bought a copy of No More Assholes. I read your book and followed your advice, and found a great man! He is divorced, and has ...

17 May

When Is It Time To Start Dating After Divorce? (Or Death Of A Spouse)

Dear Chantal, It’s been a year since my divorce and I’m starting to feel like I might be ready to start dating. I’ll be honest, it was not an easy divorce by any means and it’s still difficult at times. ...

08 May

I Found My Friends Husband on Tinder. Do I Tell Her He’s a Cheat?

Dear Chantal, I’m single and am using multiple dating sites to try and find The One. One of the dating apps I’m using is Tinder, and last week I was scrolling through and saw my friend’s husband on there. He’s ...

01 May

Can A Relationship Feel Spiritual?

Dear Chantal I keep hearing about “spiritual connections” in relationships and I’m wondering if something like that actually exists. I’m currently single and looking for “the one,” and I want something that feels very deep and connected, because it feels ...